Evan Dando "word association" Article by Sean Schroeder

from Heckler Magazine issue #7


A couple of issues ago, fellow Heckler staffer and publisher Sonny had this cool idea about wanting to do a word association thing with Henry Rollins. I thought the idea would be an interesting way to find out what these rock guys are really thinking and we talked about making it a regular feature. Unfortunately, Mr. Rollins had other ideas about this word association thing and refused to let Sonny have the twenty seconds of his time that it would have taken to conduct the "interview". Oh well, like we care what that guy thinks, anyway, right?

A couple of weeks later, I hear the Lemonheads are coming to town just in time for the next issue. I figured Evan Dando seems like kind of a wacky, nutty, free-wheelin' guy and I dig his tunes so what the fuck? He might be cool. I made all the arrangements I could with his record company, which were pretty minimal since Mr. Dando wasn't doing interviews this time around, but they said I could try and talk to him at sound check or something. Fair enough. I didn't make sound check in time as I was working one of my day jobs so I missed Evan and opted for a Flop interview at this time.

I didn't get to talk to him until after the Lemonheads finished their set. I was playing it way low-key and trying to be as unobtrusive as possible when I approached him to explain what it was I was trying to do. I gave him the spiel that Heckler was a local, independent snowboard/skate zine available everywhere cool at no charge and that this would take thirty seconds tops. No deal. He wanted to know if he would get a snowboard for doing it. (Like he can't afford one himself.-Ed.)


I didn't give up though. I went behind the theatre to where he was sitting inside his bus. Fortunately, I met up with a couple of kids, Will and Jonathan, both 11, I know from one of my day jobs as a front desk guy at a family fitness/racquet club. They were back there trying to get his autograph or something so I grabbed em', gave em' my notebook, told what to do, and pushed em' on the bus. They didn't come back for a few minutes so I guessed everything was cool.
Wrong. They completely ignored the words I had given them to use and decided to use their own. Not that it mattered, but I actually spent time thinking of words to use. The following is what they came back with. Question Marks mean they forgot what they asked him.


Word Association with Evan -

Will - Antler
Cops - Mushrooms
Arizona - Desert
Beavis and Butthead - Spanking
? - Elyses Monmartres
Apple - Orange
? - Billy
Hawaii - Winona
Lemonheads - Carl Malden
Bathroom - Tile
Guitar - Ishtar
Red - Guitared
Cigarette - Burn
Lighter - Marshmellow
Knife - Shark
Faces of Death - Part Two


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