"Every 5 Seconds Somewhere in the UK, Evan Dando is spotted" article

from Vox, November 1994


Thursday, August 18

Evan turns up at the Astoria in London to watch Oasis blast through another cock-sure set. At the after-show bash in the Leisure Lounge, he decides to give singer Liam Gallagher an earful about his comment on Kurt Cobain's suicide: "He was a sad c*** who couldn't handle the fame." Evan also announces that "I will not be seen out with that woman" when fans ask him whether he's going to play a secret pre-Reading gig with Courtney Love. His evening ends when he takes a large swig from a bottle of tequila and throws up into an ashtray.

Thursday, August 25

A week elapses before he reappears in London, crawling between fans' legs as they queue for a Superchunk gig at The Powerhaus. Courtney Love is also present, along with support band Smudge, led by Evan's co-writer, Tom Morgan. Alison Galloway, the inspiration behind the song 'Alison's Startin' To Happen' plays drums with the band. Evan jumps on stage to trash a solo spot by Lemonheads guitarist John Strohm. Some ragged singing on two songs and a manic, giddy dance are his only contributions.

Friday, August 26

It's business as usual as the Lemonheads perform a lacklustre set at the Reading Festival. Evan says that he and Courtney are "just good friends" and she confirms that they're not playing "hide the sausage". Backstage, Evan wears her lipstick on his T-shirt as he hooks up with an assortment of drug buddies, journalists, liggers and Drew Barrymore.

Sunday, August 28

After flying to Europe, the Lemonheads play the Lowlands festival in Holland with Oasis. Their friendship is bonded with "sleeping pills" called Purple Parallelograms. Bassist Nic Dalton confirms that he's returning to Australia to run his label Half-A-Cow, and that this is his last Lemonheads gig. A spokesperson comments: "He's tired. Nic loves David, John and Evan and will miss them heaps, but hopes to `hang out' with them at future Oasis gigs."

Tuesday, August 30

More than 1,000 fans turn up to see Oasis perform a selection of songs at the Virgin Megastore in London's Marble Arch. Evan sits at their feet for most of the set, but joins them on a new song, 'Whatever'. He tells the crowd: "I really like Oasis's lack of pretension, but I won't be signing any autographs today because that would be impolite. This is their day." However, he does sign a few copies of their album later. He then catches a shuttle flight with the band up to
Manchester, where it's rumoured that they see an Afghan Whigs gig, but nobody is too sure. In particular, Evan's management have no idea where their charge is and, after reading about Evan's friendship with Oasis, they attempt to track down the Manchester band.

Wednesday, August 31

Evan is still with the Gallagher brothers and plays a five-song support slot on electric guitar before the Oasis gig in
Buckley, Wales. Later, he climbs on to the roof of the venue and sings to the fans as they leave, before wandering
off into the night. When Noel Gallagher receives a call from his friend's manager, he explains that he has no idea where the singer is.

Thursday, September 1

Evan turns up in London again, this time at a Jeff Buckley gig at The Garage. He also gatecrashes a reception party, thrown for friends celebrating the recent marriage between Dodgy singer Nigel Clark and his wife Jackie, at Camden's WKD restaurant. One eye-witness recalls him "zooming in on a skateboard", while unconfirmed reports abound of him climbing on to a table and pretending that he's an aeroplane.

Friday, September 2

Fans at a launch party for Rhythm Records in Camden remark that Evan "looks like a tramp" as he plays a few cover versions (Wire's `Mannequin' and two Big Star tracks) and later buys a copy of one of his own albums, Suck. "I enjoy giving them to people," he explains. He performs one new song, 'Purple Parallelogram', which he says he'd written with Noel Gallagher the previous week. He "hangs out" in Camden, flicking through a copy of VOX in a local newsagent to show off the pictures of him in bed with Courtney. "I took some of these," he announces. "They're really good, aren't they?" He explains that the photographs were stolen from his hotel room and that the mysterious third person on the bed is a Lemonheads roadie - not a VOX journalist as first reported.

Evan is next spotted wearing one of Kurt Cobain's coats, which is now ripped and has "snot on the sleeve", according to its new owner. He then offers the singer from Jump-Rope some of the infamous Purple Parallelograms. "These pills are great, really cool," he enthuses, before enquiring: "Are you used to heroin?" He promises to look after her if she
takes them, but she declines and hands them back. However, a quiet pint in the Worlds End pub proves impossible as Evan dances around the pub and then serenades his audience with songs by the Television Personalities, Buffalo Tom and two new compositions that he claims he's written for Iggy Pop. After half an hour, he hands the guitar to his dis-
traught Jump-Rope companion, who plays a few bars and then beats a hasty exit. Evan embarks downstairs to the Underworld Club to watch a solo show by Buffalo Tom's Bill Janowitz.

Monday September 5 to Saturday September 10

Back with Oasis in Manchester, Evan watches them perform at the Hacienda and joins The Creation on-stage. This time the locals decide to kick him out along with The Creation. Two days later he turns up busking around Kensington in London. By the weekend his social diary begins to look a little thin. On Friday night he joins the staff of Loaded for a knees-up at Club Nine in Kensington. The next day, for reasons best known to himself, he watches The Rockingbirds, back on the gigging circuit at the Camden Falcon.

Monday, September 12

Everyone breathes a sigh of relief as Evan flies back to Boston, although the singer tells friends that he's planning to
return to England for the In The
City music industry bonanza in Manchester at the end of September. However, rumours surface that his party trail has ended up in a hospital, where patients are said to be running away, screaming.


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